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24 September 2019

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A car works perfectly when it is taken care of properly. Without proper check-up and servicing, a vehicle can\’t perform extraordinarily. I had brought my BMW a few years ago. In the year that it launched, it was the most demanded car on the market. Its performance and looks set it apart from all its competitors. I took care of my car from day 1. I went for monthly check-ups and semi-annual servicing. It was all working fine until recently, the car started showing signs of trouble. I went to my trustworthy mechanic to get the car checked. After almost an hour of trying to fix it, he told me that the car’s engine had been totalled. The first piece of advice that he gave me was to get the required parts order from an authorized BMW service centre. I too agreed with him on this since I did not want to use the parts of any random company. I searched online for trusted BMW service centres which sold parts online. The very first name on the list was Taylor BMW. I checked out their website and saw that they did indeed sell parts online. I did not have enough time to go and buy the parts myself and thus, I decided to place the order at that very moment. I wrote exactly the name of the parts that were told to me by my mechanic. He filled up the columns himself. The order was placed and the payment was made.
After three weeks, I got the delivery of the parts. One of the parts had still not arrived although it showed on the account history that it had been delivered. I had to call up the place where the parts were sent. They were too adamant to accept that they had made a mistake by not sending on of the parts listed. It took me a lot of time to convince them that a mistake had been made. After a long talk, they agreed to send the part ‘as soon as possible’. Apart from this, one of the parts that were sent was not compatible with the car. They made another mistake by sending a part meant for another car. I instantly filed for the return of the product. I even called them up personally to report the issue. The worst part was that they did not want to admit that a mistake had been made. They refused to send a replacement and told me that it was not their concern that the part was not compatible with my car. I was shocked to hear such things from employees of such a prestigious brand. I was stuck with a non-compatible part and a missing part whose delivery date had not even been specified. I had to buy the missing parts from another place because of this incident. If you want to order parts for your car online, go to any other website except Taylor BMW unless you want to wait an unspecified amount of time for receiving your delivery.

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