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Tat'z Nailz

Tat’z Nailz Tat’z Nailz Printer Completely scammed! Worst company I have dealt with. Omaha Nebraska!!. I ordered a nail printer from this company. On top of all the hassle you receive from the beginning with shipping being delayed as well as being forced and charged to take a tutorial via Skype before even using the product ( nail printer) or warranty will no longer apply! The machine malfunctioned several times in just the first few uses. I contacted Tat’z Nailz and informed them of my issue. They informed me the ink cartridge might have been the issue. After receiving the replacement ink cartridge they same thing happened to the machine while printing freezing etc. Very slow as well. I contacted the company again and told them they informed me that I had to go on skype once again to speak to a technician but while having to do that I also had to take the machine some what apart! I’m not computer or printer technician so I shouldn’t not have to do anything as a customer to repair the machine. Anyhow I decided not to go ahead and take apart the machine. I contacted the company about all the hardships I have went through with this nail printer and I would just like a complete refund! Once I mentioned that the company started sending hostile emails saying they are not going to refund anything. After replying to their rude email they offered partial refund due to the tutorial fee and restocking fee. I replied once again demanding a full refund and they finally settled on sending me 85% refund once I ship the printer back to them. Once I shipped the 55 pound printer back to them in Nebraska costing me $86 they sent me an email saying they aren’t going to issue any refund at all because the extremely large machine wasn’t shipped in it’s original box ( the box was too big to store or keep anywhere dead space no one likes or clutter so I got rid of the box not expecting all these issues to occur knowing I had a “warranty” on it). I securely wrapped and shipped the box back to them ensuring no damage would happen because I wanted my full refund. They are also stating that supposedly the machine was received and it wasn’t powering on. They told me they can only hold the machine for 10 days and then they will get rid of it. So basically all the time money and stress I went through wasn’t worth anything at all because now I don’t have the printer as well as any type of refund. I’m extremely upset and surprised such a company will treat their consumers they way that they do!

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