Tate Chrysler jeep dodge Fredrick

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Tate Chrysler jeep dodge Fredrick

Tate Chrysler jeep dodge Fredrick Sold a damaged vehicle and refused to fix it Fredrick Maryland!!. Hi my name is Nic S. I had recently bought a car ( 2018 scion frs) from Tate Chrysler jeep Dode in Fredrick Maryland. I drove 4 hours looked at the vehicle and test drove it. Everything seemed okay. I was told if I didnt like the car or if anything went wrong and i wanted to bring it back they would be happy to get me in a different vehicle. 4 days after I brought it home the clutch completely went out of it. After taking it to a Toyota dealership and was told I was lucky to even had made it home driving it in that condition, I was furious. Tate dealership then proceeded to tell me they werent paying for it to be fixed and that I couldn’t bring the car back to get something else because the vehicle is now damaged. I had called and went back and forth being hung up on and pushed to the side for about 2 weeks before they decided to pay half of the cost. It was a $1200 fix. They completely tried to push all the blame on me saying it was inspected before I bought it and that I must have ruined the clutch… in 4 days. But if the vehicle was inspected like they claimed why was I pulled over for not having an inspection sticker on the vehicle. Even after having it fixed I was told I would receive a spare key for free since it did not come with one. I’ve had the car for 7 months and have called about 10 times for a spare key and have gotten nothing but blown off. Not to mention that the key for my car does not work for the trunk. I’ve been to multiple dealerships and talked to a lot of salespeople and I’ve never had a dealership be so quick to completely turn thier back and ignore a problem with a customer. After the vehicle had experienced problems they were extremely rude and and made it hell to try and resolve the problem Please if you see this take warning and do not go there!

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