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TAS Pearson vue

Pearson vue. Money scam Spokane WA. Washington!!. I took two 2018 B1 building inspector exams at Pearson vue. It was an open book test, the code book your being tested on is around 905 pages with a library full of information to remember. I was given 2 hrs. to complete this test which boils down to no more than 2 minutes a question. I marked the chapters and what there content was and studied this code book for 2 weeks believing that I had learned enough information to take this test and pass it….was I ever wrong. I had read blog infor for this examination and learned after I had scheduled my exam that there is an exam prep book to help you pass the exam. Well I took the exam and spent more time than 2 minutes allowed for each question and failed the exam. I ordered the 2015B1 exam prep book for the IRC certificate, I studied it and took all 6 of the test and did several of them 2 times just to make sure that I understood the pertinent information. I did good on all the exams missing only 5 or less on most of them. I scheduled the second exam and paid another $199 the fee for taking the test. I felt good going into this examination having studied the prep book for 2 weeks, and taking all 6 of the test and doing well in them. I had another 2hrs to complete this exam, the test I’d taken from the prep book had 6, 2 hr time limits also and I completed them with 30 min. to spare, so I felt ready. Well the first question was worded so that I had to re-read it twice then rifle thru the code book to find the answer. I had learned from the prep book to mark the hard questions and proceed to the next question in hopes that you knew the answer off of the top of your head… boy was I in for a suprise, 80% of the questions were worded so that I had a hard time understanding them, trick questions, soo to make a long story short I failed this exam also and felt like I had been scammed Big Time, all the time, money, spent, not to mention all the hours studying the necessary material. This Pearson vue set me up for failure from the start and I won’t be ripped again!!! 2017-07-23

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