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Tanner properties

Tanner properties Barry Tanner, Tanner rentals Sold me property on land contract while me and my family had just list our current home to fire and had no insurance and knew we were desperate and took adva5of our situation. Union Kentucky!!. Barry Tanner owner of Tanner Properties knew we lost our previous home to a fire and we’re desperate to locate a home and he took advantage by agreeing to sell us a mobile home and lot for $850 per month x five years which included taxes and insurance. Upon receipt of 1st payment Barry Tanner agreed to provide a land contract detailing the agreement with our agreed terms. After 3yrs of payments and excuses one after another we finally told Barry Tanner we wasn’t paying another payment without the land contract and proof of taxes paid for past 3 yrs and an insurance police with our name included. A couple months past and Mr Tanner called via telephone numerous times attempting to get us to pay payments with his once again promising to provide a land contract next month. We refused so, one day I receive a text message from Mr Tanners phone stating he had put a 30 day notice for us to move out or he’d be going to court house to have us evicted as renters. First of all no notice was ever given and secondly we weren’t renters I told Mr Tanner and that if he was to h*o try to have us evicted I’d make a fool of him in court and file a civil suite against him for defrauding us and contact the IRS and make sure he’d claimed the $850 per month for over 3 years and informed him that I had him recorded agreeing that he’d sold us the property and also I had a payment ledger provided by him signed and dated for each and every payment and the ledger stated we we’re buying the property and showed a balance due after each payment received. About a month later Mr Tanner calls and says come up with x amount of money and I’ll sign the deed over to you so we agreed so we wouldn’t get completely screwed by Barry Tanner. Upon meeting him at his attorney’s office to do the exchange we realized Mr Tanner had been to the court house in 2018 a year after entering into a deal with us and filed for an easement right away to access a property he owns next door. I brought it to his attention that what he done was illegal and wrong because he should have not sold an easement though our property after we’d entered into a contract to buy our property from him and he laughed and had the gull to state: you we’re only renting the first three years and upon viewing the deed he made the purchase price a little over $20k than he’d received from us. After all this we still did the deal but learned a hard lesson and Mr Tanner has had a record I learned recently of doing the exact same thing to several other families except he got them out through evictions through court and other families weren’t as fortunate as we were by keeping all evidence and receipts to fight if necessary.

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