Tammy Schmierer and Sarah Atwood

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Tammy Schmierer and Sarah Atwood

Tammy Schmierer and Sarah Atwood Bucking Horse stables Bucking horse performance horses hillside farms Tammy Schmierer is a CROOK. DO NOT BREED WITH HER MAVERICK south new berlin New York!!. Careful dealing with Tammy in any capacity. She is a liar- a crook- and will do anything to make a quick buck. Do your research before breeding your mare to Maverick (Native Frenchmen) it is a MISTAKE. He has a genetic issue that she conveniently does not tell you about and if you do question her she LOVES to down play it and claim no prior breedings had that problem- she is lieing. I have seen personally Tammy resell and resell lame horse after lame horse to BRAND NEW riders who knew none the better. She got a crap horse- watch her resell it to a sucker who will know none the better till it is too late and she tries to make you do “lessons” with her. Her lessons are her sitting on her cell phone or yelling at her daughter. Tammy is the definition of a horrible horse person. Tammy will do anything to take your money and bleed you dry. Once she takes all your money guess where you rank in her world. I have seen on many occasions her beating a horse senselessly with a crop. She has anger problems which she seems to best release onto horses. By the way- do not ever think you are her friend. Like previously stated she will use you until your money is all gone than you are no good. Tammy has quite the reputation around Unadilla, NY… just ask around in the horse world. It will not take you long to come to many of these conclusions yourself. Think wisely before dealing with this monster. She has no soul.

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