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Tai Lopez – Tailopez.com – SCAM – scam – DON’T TRUST West Hollywood California!!. Is Tai Lopez a SCAM? …… YES! Absolute scam. I bought one of his programs, and it turned out to be absolute a*s. Itu2019s crap. Just rehashed old crap from Taiu2019s live calls that you get on YouTube. His live videos are also bullsh*t, Iu2019ve seen the same ones reply many times. The paid content is shittier than the free content. Itu2019s all just bad reviews of books, and then affiliate marketing he does with other companies in which they share no useful information. There is like ONLY 3 Videos on Taiu2019s behind the scenes business stuff. All 3 of which are just Tai talking s**t to his team. u201cYou better appreciate that youu2019re working for meu201d. The Knowledge database is crap. No useful info. Just buy a book and youu2019ll get 100 times more value. Just watch the hundreds of thousands of other useful videos that are free. Not even worth $10 in my opinion. The money program is a bullsh*t program. Almost ZERO money advice. Itu2019s crap. Junk. Poop. Serious a*s. Donu2019t waste your time. He just rehashes maybe 3 or 4 ideas togetheru2026 And then the rest is affiliate marketing. Itu2019s all crap. From there, they try to up-sell you on the bigger packages that are $5,000+. They make you hope that you can someday meet with Tai and get him to invest in your business or personally mentor you. But itu2019s all bullsh*t. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO SAVE THEIR TIME, GET REAL EDUCATION, AND KNOWLEDGE AND BETTER THIS BUSINESS. AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS. WORTHLESS PROGRAM. Not to mention, when I asked for a refund, it has been 1 week and no one has gotten back to me. Theyu2019re just stealing our money. I have to do a charge back through my credit card company. They replied once saying that Oh we have to have one of our guys call you to make sure you have a good experience. Well, that was 7 days ago, and nothing. Bullsh*t product, bullsh*t service. Avoid at all costs. The only reason I tried his program was because he gave a 60 day money back guarantee. He isn’t even keeping up to that one promise. He keeps saying he has all this great insider information, but none is to be found in his program. He makes his program sound like it’s so solid, professional, and well put together, but it’s really crappy, you’re really really better off just finding a few relevant things for yourself with a youtube search. Again. I don’t care what promises he makes to you. It’s all crap. Really is. He does provide some good tips. But, just watch his free crap for that. It’s pretty much all rehashed other YouTube videos, and information from books. He really won’t save you any time in terms of trimming the learning curve. Actually, his program sucks so bad that it will make you waste maybe 2-3 days before you realize that you were scammed and lied to. I paid $497 for an internet program. I did not get what I was promised. I tried repeatedly to remedy these problems with very little help from customer support. There customer service line is a recording. When I contact customer support online they tell me they have already refunded my money which they have not. I have sent them my receipt many times with no help. I now am locked out of all programs with nothing to show for my hard earned money. I just want a refund which seems to be impossible on my own.

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