Tae Sung Trading LTD.

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Tae Sung Trading LTD.

Tae Sung Trading LTD, Martin Vermeulen. Tae Sung Trading LTD, Tae Sung Co LTD, Martin Vermeulen, Tae Sung ASIA MANUFACTURING IP THEFT, FAKE ENGINEERING Busan, Korea Busan, Korea!!. We entered into a PDA with Tae Sung Co LTD with Martin Vermeulen that sold us he could engineer fast, professional and at a good price with protection of our Intellectual Property and ideas. It turns out that Martin Vermeulen and Tae Sung Co LTD and Tae Sung Trading LTD are complete frauds, they try to steal ideas, claim and file for IP without notice and sell your ideas off to industry competitors. They are very untrustworthy, and when asked for details they throw sand in your eyes as if the customer is crazy. We found out about multiple IP infringement storys where Tae Sung and Martin Vermeulen stole IP and tried to make a deal with either the company they stole it from or competitors in the industry. Be VERY carefull with these people, they seem legit but its all stories and no delivery. DONT pay this scam, they will try to suck you dry. Be warned, and choose a real partner that knows engineering and manufacturing. We heard that Bonaverde, Bevys and Spinn are all in legal cases with the company and founders that are European and Asian. FRAUD.

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