Table Mountain Veterinary Clinic

Mismanaged place and terrible doctors

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15 September 2019

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My dog was not feeling too well and was showing signs of illness and I was in a rush to take him to a secure and trustworthy vet which can take charge of my dog’s health. I found an advertisement for Table Mountain Veterinary Clinic. When I reacted to their ongoing Ad, this business wouldn’t respond to any inquiries I had about the administration on offer. They at that point continued to REMOVE ME from their group chat. I thought it was a system error. It wasn’t. I was deleted and blocked from the group. Who does that?! They advertised the offer and as I have to spend cash it is my right to request for more data about the offer they had JUST ADVERTISED. Did I ask something incorrectly? I need to know about the dangers and advantages of their offer. I managed to get an appointment somehow and took my dog for a checkup. I won’t be back. It was a horrible experience. I took my dog to get fixed and was treated really badly. The workplace staff behaved awfully. I needed to continue calling to get some information about the status of my dog’s procedure. What’s more, EACH time I was told…..we’ll call you back…..but they never did.
At last, I got a call from them and the front work area individual had the nerve to state “you have to come to get your dog back we’re going to close for the day”. They wasted my whole day and my dog didn’t even get a check-up. When we picked him up…..there was another customer there getting her cat that had a similar experience. The vet NEVER got back to us and the front office NEVER considered us to give us an update on the reschedule. I finally managed to get the rescheduled appointment and I took my dog again to the clinic. My dog had built up an enormous bump on her shoulder all of a sudden, so I brought her to see Dr Brewster. She jabbed the irregularity with a needle and quickly assumed that it was a “Blood rankle” and instructed us to put a warmth pack on it until it leaves. 2 weeks passed by and there was no improvement, I took my dog to another vet since something didn’t sit well with me. It turns out this lump was an amazingly contaminated sore, and there isn’t generally even such thing as a “blood rankle” which Dr Brewster claimed it to be. She just likely hit an inappropriate spot of the bump and never took a gander at the blood under the magnifying lens to confirm that the mass was madly tainted. I was furious that my dog had been in torment this long with such an extreme mass in the shoulder that could’ve been dealt with quite a while in the past, had we gotten the right veterinary consideration. I am never going back to this crappy clinic again.

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