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T and P Diamond Events

T and P Diamond Events Ann Ewing Sold vendor space to fake event Chicago, but hosts “women’s expos” in many states Internet!!. As a new owner of a start-up sales business, I searched Event Brite for some possible expos or fairs to sell my goods. I emailed inquiring about the “Women’s Expo Tour” in St. Paul, MN on July 8, 2017. Since it looked like a national touring expo, I thought it must be amazing! About five minutes after I sent my email, “Ann Ewing” texted me about it. She told me the price and I explained that this is not something I’m trying to make a lot of money on, just want to make sure I break even. I explained that it was too much for me and mentioned that i’m “just a teacher”. After some back and forth, she told me her boss is a “former teacher and principal and I may get a deal.” She ended up saying I could buy a space for $100 instead of $200. I sent her the money through “Wells Fargo Sure Pay”. It was only at this point that she gave me the company name. The payment process on the website was very unclear and I had to ask many questions. The next day, I had a bad gut feeling about it. I began to look into it more. I called the hotel where the event is supposed to take place and they do NOT have it on their calendar of events! Here I thought this is a big event, after all, they have it advertised that people pay $50 for a ticket to get in! I should have realized that was an absurd amount. When you look at the website you will notice there are NO SPECIFIC DETAILS about anything. It also catches my eye now that it says “text” about availability. When you read the terms and conditions (which they include the MOST detail about), it says they have the right to CANCEL any show at any point and offer the vendor a CREDIT for a future event! Clearly this would work for them to keep your money because there will not be any future events, as it is a SCAM! I looked even more into the issue and found a company reported last year where the contact person used the same “Ewing” last name! They also have the same phone number! The company name was then different. I clicked on the links and the graphics, fonts, and layout are exactly the same! Luckily, I was able to call Wells Fargo and cancel the payment! Please spread the word to any vendors you know! Do not send money to T and P Diamond Events.

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