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SYNOVUS BANK NBSC BANK RIDICULOUS OVERDRAFT FEES! Nationwide Nationwide!!. I’ve been banking with Synovus Bank for about 3 months now, using the direct deposit service. The whole time I’ve been enrolled with this service, the customer service has been absolutely outrageous! I get paid bi weekly and every time I go to the ATM to withdraw my money, there’s always a lock on my debit card. When I call customer service they always tell me that I have to go inside of their bank and get them to unlock it. Two weeks ago when I got paid, the same thing happened but this time the guy I spoke with from customer service told me that my card was locked bc of an $5 negative balance and that he could offer me an overdraft service if i wanted to use their overdraft program. I should’ve asked more questions or just closed my account that day considering all the problems I’ve been having to endure with this bank. Anyway, me, just being young and dumb and just wanting my money, went ahead and okayed this guy to set me up in the overdraft program. Also, this was being done over the phone, I never signed not one document. The next pay period, I called customer service because once again my card was locked and I asked what my balance was and the lady told me $200.29. My check was over $600. All in all my account was in the negative of $457 and they gladly withdrew that from my account once It was deposited. This was my first time dealing with banking services and like I said in the beginning, I’m really young and inexperienced, and it never doned on me to ask questions about the banking service because all I was expecting is to just use this bank for direct deposit and just to be able to withdraw my money on payday. I spoke with one of the bank managers and explained the situation but they still never offered any type of compensation, especially since this was my first time overdrafting and not to mention the low cost purchases of under $10 I may have swiped my card for a few times. For each swipe I was charged $36. I’ve never heard of anything like that. I help my mom with my other 3 siblings that are younger than me and right now I’m the only one eligible to work. So for the next two weeks I have to make these measly $200 work until the next payday, not to mention the light bill is due Monday! Just my luck! If there is something I can do about this or anyone that has experienced this same headache please reach out!

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