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I was working in synapseindia [synapse india] before some time, now i left the comay, this is one of the wrost company in my life, whenever i left a compant it cleard my all old balance, give me my full salary, releving letter and best wishes wo, but this is a company who give the salary after the one month of joining of new company when you sent a mail from that company.. if you think then its very bad for an ex-employee who served a company more then 1.2.3…years, this wrost company also ask you for these details when you are going to leave it: 1- Which company you are going to join 2- If you open the name then it issue you a black list companies where you can not join [this list also has the name of company that you are going to join] 3- not give you releving letter and experince letter at the time of leaving just give you a bonafide certificate [very high rule as much not still adoped by IBM, Microsoft etc companies ] 4- They will put you on hold more then 30 days with out reason [just watching how eary your new company tell you please do not join, just a policy to play with the future of a employee who search this company more then years] 5- when you are finlaly going to left this company then give him all the details like your home address, perment address, phone number, your reletives address etc[like you are going to announce TADIPAR] 6-Now from new company you send him mail that you joined, then they will call to Hr of that company and god nows what they said [as after that my company kicked out me, now I am job less due to bad policy of SynapseIndia]. 7- Then you start calling and mailling to release my salary, its totaly depend on the company that they will give you salary of one-two months or not. So, before going to join this bad company think two times, even 10 times, as now this company may be No.1 in client satisfaction but there is not employee satisfaction, even they will not allow you to take good breath after leavng the company. In my ten years career i have not seen this type of terrerost company.

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  1. Krystal Pallone May 27, 2020

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