Sydney Car Wash Cafe

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Sydney Car Wash Cafe Review

Sydney Car Wash Cafe

I was given a voucher for Christmas from my sister, if I had known she was going to purchase the deal I would have told her not to bother. I bought a deal myself last year and was appalled at the quality of the service they provided. They didn’t clean the car properly then, they totally missed the rear under my spoiler as well as not vacuuming properly, rims weren’t cleaned and engine wasn’t steam cleaned, along with the rest of the sloppy job. Anyway I had to use the voucher so I took my car in on the 9th April 2016. It was the worst excuse for a car wash I have ever seen! The roof wasn’t washed at all, the rims weren’t cleaned properly, the back wasn’t vacuumed at all. The windscreen and windows weren’t cleaned, when I opened the doors the inside of the car body had not been cleaned. The engine was meant to be steam cleaned, there are obvious areas not touched as well as all the foam anti vibration and rubber seals were destroyed. The parts they did wash weren’t even cleaned properly, marks everywhere! This voucher was for a deluxe clean worth $139! The car looks like it has hardly been touched, everyone I have shown agrees. I don’t know how this business gets away with such dodgy workmanship, nobody is available to contact to complain and the workers don’t care at all when you’re not happy! Get rid of them Cudo!!

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