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Sweyer Property Management

Sweyer Property Management TOTAL SCAMMERS AND LIARS Wilmington North Carolina!!. These people lie and lie and lie. They do it nicely. So if you are not so smart – you won’t realize that they are constantly lying to you about everything. They will accuse of you of doing things against your lease that you never did. And they will do this over and over and over all the time to intimidate you and keep you in constant stress. I have constantly had to deal with their constant lies that I did something I didn’t do. They will lie and tell you the property has things that it doesn’t have and trying to get them to live up to their promise is a waste of time. They are crazy enough to tell all tenants that they are required to do maintenance when they can’t require tenants to do maintenance. And they will use threats to force tenants to do maintenance even though the law says that they can’t require tenants to do maintenance. And they don’t do the maintenance on the property that they are required to do so you end up being in a property that looks abandoned and that you are too embarassed to invite your friends to. And the rent is not cheap. There is no reason to expect to have these problems since you are paying top dollar for the rent. Awful – awful – awful. You would be better off living in a cardboard box than having to deal with these crooks.

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