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swaplease they lied about how they would help me with getting out of my lease, i asked him before i started how abbout how much would my car be worth and he said that it did not matter but it appears that it does we are even competing with dealer on their web site internet based Nationwide!!. when i first started to ask question about getting out of my lease of my car, the person i talked was Vernon Madden, Senior Account Manager. I asked him if how much the car was worth was needed in order to be competetie to getting out of my lease and he replied no that it did not matter when it came to getting out of my lease. so of course Madden convince me when it came down to pay i only had told him that i only wanted the cheapest one which was about 100. dollars however Madden said that he could convince his supervisor and give me a special for 300 dollars that would cover everything with advertisment and that i would be out of my car in no more than 45 days, of course 2 months passed and Madden than tells me that we could probable get out of the car with an incesntive and i offered one car payment which is 767, than anothe moth passes and no hits so madden ask me for another incentive of of now two payments off. i started looking at web site where my car is advertise and i see that even dealership are being advertise and of course they offer a lot of incentive for people to go to their dealership to buy. the bottome line i offered 3 car payment which is a total of 2301.00 of to try to get out of the lease and here we are 8 months. Vernon Madden and his company lie to get you in to try to get out of the lease which they know it wont happen. from the begining i asked him if it matter how much my car is worth to see if i can even get out of lease and he answer was it does not matter on swap lease but what im seeing that it does my car has about 2387 miles on it, it hardley get used and it garage but it does not get any hits cause my car is probable woth less than what im offering to get out of lease however the fact that Madden had to lie to get me to pay 300 dollars cause it would sell in 45 day and we are 8 month pass the day i signed up.

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