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Messed up method to get hair removed

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25 September 2019

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I sugared my legs at Swanky Sugar and had no idea what to expect from staff members performances of the hair removal method.
It is difficult to notice if all the hair is removed. The procedure takes place in a dark room and I found it weird to remove hair in a dark room. People don’t see clearly and don’t know if all the hair is removed until much later and this isn’t how I pictured it in my mind.
The fancy appearance of Swanky Sugar gave me a different impression of the inside and nothing of this place makes sense to me. As a first-timer, I expected better treatment and better-qualified staff at the facility.
Hair waxing from Swanky Sugar didn’t please me as it should have and didn’t see professionalism in my sugared legs.
I paid $300 for both legs and didn’t enjoy a new method for a first-timer, I had no idea what to do next from the discomfort experienced here.
The craze of a new hair removal method isn’t popular in my world. The method caused pain and irritated my skin for three days
I would have preferred if professionals performed this method on my legs. Waxing hurt and didn’t give a smooth skin and finish to the hair removal procedure.
I didn’t try this at home and didn’t feel good to have it done at a facility such as Swanky Sugar. Everything new is worth trying but it doesn’t work perfectly if performed by an unprofessional team from Swanky Sugar.
Most of the hair on my legs wasn’t removed as advertised, and it disappointed me to have paid $300 for an unfinished method of hair removal.
I didn’t have the pleasure of leaving the Spa feeling painless and free of hair on my legs. The method of hair removal didn’t work at the rate of 100% and I felt it was a rip-off for no completion of hair removal.
My skin felt rough and irritable and a slight itch where the hair wasn’t fully removed.
One of my reasons for leaving hair on my legs for longer periods was to avoid pain and irritation of the skin. Unfortunately, I received that here. Waxing from sugar isn’t a smooth process and the method isn’t pain-free.
The method of sugaring had no positive effects on my legs, and I didn’t have excellent results from customer’s service.
This method sounded great for my legs but didn’t give me the best results. I see the worst customer’s service and the unfriendly people working at Swanky Sugar. They aren’t qualified for the sugary method of hair removal.
There aren’t any natural products to keep my legs feeling painless. Nobody explained the reason to have hair removed in a dark room. It is unclear to me to have a new method of hair removal. Sugaring isn’t a natural way to remove hair from legs. I don’t see professionalism in this method and won’t have a second appointment at Swanky Sugar.

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