Swagvault/ wow EU cd-key

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Swagvault/ wow EU cd-key | Scammed: Received a USED cd-key

Hi and thanks for your time.I have bought today a World of Warcraft Europe cd-key from Swagvault.com but received an already USED cd-key, wich means it cannot be used by me. I have been talking to them for 13 hours straight to receive only horrible help from their live chat. Literally lying to me, telling me incoherent sentences such as:Karry: sorry, sir, i send the wrong inf, Karry: sorry, i make a mistake, Karry: i send the wrong information, sorryKarry: plz forgive our our working mistake and support, thank you, don’t be worry, Karry: plz go to (This is not even my email and I never mentioned it)Each of those line where said at different times.Their ”manager” even lied to me saying all the keys are ”Tested” before they are sent out wich can’t be done in any way. The only way to see if they work is use them.The ”manager” also didn’t want to provide any refund or remplacement, even after they have tried the cd-key and after I provided them multiple screenshots. Instead, they tried to steal more money off me by buying another one.”may be I can help you to gain a new one at a lower price, if it is ok with you.”I have spent more than enough time on this case for a mere 10$, communicating with them gives no results. I understand they are big company but mistakes happens. I do not recommend dealing with this company, if you have any trouble, all they will do is LIE to you and SCAM you. Thanks again for the help and time.

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