Swadeep Nigam

Phone: 7025804499

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Swadeep Nigam

Swadeep Nigam, Swadeep Loser Nigam, Scumbag always after money. Stay away from this ugly loser Henderson Nevada!!. This Scumbag Loser Swadeep Nigam harasses innocent people with his so called power that he knows Governor, Senators etc. he put pressure on you to give money. Heu2019s omen blackmailer scumbag. Thereu2019s 2 other reports about him already. Heu2019s doing this form long time. Donu2019t know why authorities are not going after him. I filed online complaint with Henderson PD and yet to receive a response. This scumbag comes To you and ask for donations which is the biggest scam heu2019s doing. He blackmail his own community ppl with his Indian website. All the weekly lunch he arrange is just to show off husband local community. Even his own community ppl donu2019t want to engage with him. Whenever you see this loser ask u for money just show him the door and tell him to stay away. Hope this scumbag comes to his sense.

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