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SVEN ROBERT VLAD SVEN VLAD, SVEN R. VLAD HE LIED TO ME AS MY “TRADING ACCOUNT MANAGER” AND STOLE ABOUT $7,500 OF BITCOIN Moscow!!. Sven Robert Vlad found me on Facebook Messenger through Crypto Trading and Friends..He is affiliated with a few others of these groups as well..He offered to trade for me if I invested with him for a 15% fee. Intially I invested 1,200 of bitcoin but the price went down to 900 to 1,000 I think. He then sent me screen shots of “my account” with 24 Options. He claimed to grow the account to over 23,000. He said he would send the withdrawal but couldn’t because of from 6,300 to 6,500 withdrawal fees. He told me he did not “plan this” but I would have to pay them..I finally did but he still would not pay the withdrawal. I checked and 24 Options had no record of any account in my name or with my email. tHE SCREEN SHOT SVEN SENT ME OF MY ACCOUNT WAS PHONY AND EDITED. When confronted on WhatsApp Sven said he moved the money to another account but would not disclose where. It has been a month since I paid a total of $6,601.21 on top of the initial investment. SVEN ROBERT VLAD WILL NOT SEND MY BITCOIN BACK OR ANY WITHDRAWAL..HE TOLD ME THE MONEY WAS MOVED TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT AND IT WOULD COST ME ADDITIONAL FEES TO GET IT BACK. HE WOULD NOT DISCLOSE WHAT THE FEES WERE…

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