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SVCGS COM 855-3319531 TN

SVCGS COM 855-3319531 TN INTERNET FRAUD, BEWARE! TENNESSEE TENNESSEE!!. I noticed a transaction on my checking account for $19.95 the company it was listed with is SVCGS COM 855-3319531 TN. I called them and they stated they take calls for multiple online websites who deal with credit. They would not authorize a refund even though we did not provide the information to the company they stated this was done through They stated we could use the free services of roadside assistance and coupons they mail out but they do not authorize refunds. We are reporting the to the BBB as well as contacting our lawyer. This company is scamming people or someone has stolen my identity but either way it is not okay and should not be legal for them to keep my money when I did not authorize this transaction.

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