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SUR Company

SUR Company, S.U.R Company, Nicolas Guerra, Nick Guerra, Stephanie Guerra, Stephanie Schlosser, Guarantees individuals an office location contingent upon completing 6 to 12 weeks of training that never happens. FRAUDS Nick Guerra is an Uber Driver with no money Scaming to make money! Roswell GA Georgia!!. It all starts off with an ad on Craigslist or an ad on ZipRecruiter. The ad advises that SUR Company (ran by Nick Guerra and Stephanie Schlosser) have positions available for an administrative assistant, assistant manager or an entry-level management position. While the entire time sales is what you are being asked to do. When calling to set up an interview the receptionist advises that “there are various position available and all details will be gone over with my boss to see which one if any might be right for you” also the receptionist advises that “we’re an international Distribution Company currently expanding in the area my boss is looking for some sharp people to help us manage our new locations” that line is to only be told if asked what type of company it is. Furthermore, if someone calls asking “is this sales” the receptionist is advised to inform ” I’m sorry were you looking for sales I thought you were calling about the entry level management position we were really looking for management people right now”- SCAM Then Nick also advised that the company manufactures and distributes designer fragrances but come to find out all alone the bottle say observe l’essence which is manufactured by Sentura Creations which is the Fake S***! “Let’s talk about pay my boss offers different rates of pay depending on which position if any your accepted for he’ll go over all the details in the interview.” The pay is still never discussed once gone into the interview, first day of training is still not discussed. It’s discuss about the second week and you finally figure out that you don’t get a check or anything. It’s advised anything over 20 dollars is what an individual gets to keep. which $20 is what the selling price is. He has this family and friend exercise that he wants you to do on the first day attempting to sell to your friends without the merchandise in hand and also Nick Guerra wants you to sell at $30 a bottle so collecting the money first before seeing the goods SCAM. In the training an individual starts as an FNP then traininee then trainer then Senior trainer then manager then Senior manager then executive officer he wants you to make a plan so that you can earn a badge a week he gives us all these motivational meetings everyday which are the same meetings every week with the new individuals that come in. Throughout the entire training you have to go out in the field and sell, sell, sell. Even upper management badges you still have to go out in the field and sell bottles of fragrances Nick tells you that there is no quota however at the end of training it becomes a quota to get your own location and individual has to meet their quota in order to get their own location which is understood but after the quota is met he has no plans on pursuing to open your location he only wants you to work for him with no plans and opening an individual this is a fraud and this is a scam PEOPLE BEWARE! Nicholas Guerra states that he is Cuban and he doesn’t give a f**k who finds out how he is running his business. Nick it’s just a Uber driver that is flexed up with an alcoholic wife named Stephanie Nick is making no money with SUR Company he is an Uber driver. The End.

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