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SupremeLogodesign Supremelogodesign Trustlogo Sent empty zip files of logos; twice Internet!!. Saw this company about a week ago. If you type in logo design this is one of the ads that pops up. Didnt think anything of it. I liked the designs that were on the page and decided to go with them. The basic package I believe comes with 2 deisgns and 2 revisions. The ‘silver’ package comes with 3 designs with 3 revisions. I explained a general idea of what the logo should look like and that was it. Definitely excited they promised “1′ day or 24 hours for the 3 logos to be done. This is Thursday night. All day Friday, im checking my emails/spam folders hoping they would get to me within the 24 hour period. At around 2:46, i get a email describing the copy right stuff(which i carefully read). I keep scrolling down and realize I cant open the image. It showed ‘no preview’. Fine. I attempt to call the number on the website to hopefully get someone that can help me. The telephone is continually busy. Like all day busy. I found that super strange. First red flag. Noone is this busy. I email them at the support email. Thankfully its still within business hours; we can get this wrapped up. All they have to do is resend it. The support team (not really) or hacker sends me an email Monday morning at 7:33am letting me know they got my email Friday evening. Thats right. Of course they dont work on weekends. No phone calls;your pretty much dead in the water. I try to use another computer to open it. It is a zip file. YOu have to undo it. They send it to me again on Monday at 3:25pm. They have literally been sending me my home screen of Yahoo Mail. If you know about HTML they found a way to send me my Yahoo Mail home screen. No logos. This is a complete scam. Oh also: ASKING THEM TO RESEND IT ALSO COUNTS AGAINST MY REVISIONS. Im contacting Paypal tomorrow to see if anything can be done. Ive also sent them a request for a refund through their support email.

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