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OK, so im a good customer and nice all the time but, see they hang up all the time. It’s not because of bad behavior it’s simply becuase they do not care. Hey, pay me 20$ a day id screw you up. But, it’s no excuse for the service and unknowlagable staff. My pc crashed and they did not know what to do at all and i asked for a email to help me resolve my problem and yet never came. Once last week I met Adrian and ten hes on sick leave? NO! not there. i get a skype and was hacked. and guess who your employee. Wow, am i suprurised well not anymore. See you send your product to other countires and they do not care and its alll about the money my pc cost more than they make in three months. Thank god im protected because i design vpn and websites and they protected me. But, with the problem i had tonight it to me was frustrasting till i thought of app

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