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I was contacted by a salesman who lead me to believe that I could try Superpages for three months for the $15 per month I had been paying for a Yellow page listing. If I was not satisfied I could discontinue the service. If I wanted to keep the service it would cost $111.00 per month. He told me there was no contractual obligation. I subsequently found out that SuperPages expected a one year commitment and has been billing me. They have refused to terminate the billing. I have written the Chairman of Verizon twice and the matter has not been resolved to my satisfaction. I am now getting letters from a collection agency. I feel as a matter of principle deceptive sales practices should be exposed and corrected. If there are other people who have had a similar experience with Superpages maybe we can collectively get SuperPages to reform their sales practices.


  1. Cecil Trudeau May 27, 2020
  2. Hortense Schwarzlose May 27, 2020

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