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Unacceptable staff and conditions

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19 September 2019

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The receptionist of this place is forgetful and isn’t alert on her job reminders.
Dentists try to get off what is their fault and blame insurance companies for the high costs. At SuperKids Pediatric Dentistry they provide dental care for children but aren’t child-friendly.
My son experienced pain and discomfort from a cleaning and tooth extraction.
The unpleasant staff members and unfriendly people at the practice didn’t make my visit comfortable or calm. Money is the biggest priority at SuperKids Pediatric Dentistry. Patient care and customer’s service isn’t a priority at the practice.
My concern for my son’s first experience at the dentist bothered me and it didn’t feel a pleasant visit. I didn’t find the facilities clean and tidy for patients. The dental team isn’t child-friendly, and they didn’t show a pleasant face to my child. We had an uncomfortable seat and no assistant or dental team to make the procedure feel painless.
It disappointed me to see my son feel discomfort and pain from a small procedure. I am unhappy with the staff, the dental team, dental care, and common procedures performed at SuperKids Pediatric Dentistry.
It is unacceptable to be unprofessional and rude to patients, and I experienced this at the dentistry and won’t go back there again!
We had an appointment but that did make a difference at the front desk. At the waiting room, people queued and we waited for an hour to see the doctor.
I wasn’t surprised by the bad services to patients and of the care to patients. The staff doesn’t go the extra mile to provide comfort to a patient’s day at the dentist.
New staff and no training dentistry skills allow for bad services and lack of quality in dental care. This facility isn’t suitable for being a dental practice. Patient files were kept on the desk and appointments made weren’t found at the front desk.
This is from the poor planning and organization of the paperwork and of the filing system.
Everything at SuperKids Pediatric Dentistry is misplaced and I didn’t find the dental care treatment to perfection. There’s no good care and no value inpatient care.
It’s of no use to visit this place. The oral and dental care is overpriced, and you won’t get the best service you need from here.
The frustrated staff has no respect for patients.
Unfortunately, from my terrible experience, I won’t recommend SuperKids Pediatric Dentistry to other families. I have no reason to feel pleased from the behaviors of unfriendly staff and inexperienced dentist work.
The environment is unpleasant for kids. No kids play corner and there are no other facilities for kids.
Low maintained facilities from dental practice are unacceptable!
No professional attitudes from the dental team toward clients.
A lack of communication skills disappointed my visit at SuperKids Pediatric Dentistry.
Staff at the practice don’t inform patients of oral and dental care procedures. There’s no qualified member to deal with paperwork or dental treatments at the practice. I don’t wish anyone to go through what I have at SuperKids Pediatric Dentistry.

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