Superior Sound and Video Incorporated

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Superior Sound and Video Incorporated

Superior Sound and Video Incorporated Security Integrated Technology Superior Sound & Video Inc SECURITY INTEGRATION SPECIALISTS MYRIAM GARDNER Security Integrated Technology Untrustworthy and unprofessional company working under a fictitious name Las Vegas Nevada!!. Clark County Clerk reportsSuperior Sound and Video Incorporatedas the entity DBA of the fictitious company nameSecurity Integrated Technology in Nevada DO NOT HIRE THIS SECURITY COMPANY! This company’s rep disconnected my previous alarm system and then stormed off my property without reinstalling it. I was polite and not irrate and wanted to do an audio recording on my phone of what he was telling me he “needed” to do with my alarm system to work with the new system. When I pulled my phone out and said I’d like to record this for my record he flipped out, refused to continue to talk about the alarm system changes he wanted to do, grabbed all the new equipment Brinks paid for, and stormed off my property without reinstalling my old system like I asked him to. This imo is one of the worst and deceptive security companies in Las Vegas. Deceptive in that they would not disclose when calling me that they are Security Integrated, instead they would claim they are Brinks Security which they are not, they are only a vendor for Brinks. As well as the tech they sent out I heard him over the phone lying to someone about what I said to him about my alarm system (as if he was trying to avoid extra work) and to Brinks on the notes he wrote on my account according to what a Brinks representative read to me from those notes. IMO you should AVOID this disrespectful and untrustworthy company!

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