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Very Unprofessional and a Big Mess Overall

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08 October 2019

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Hey guys, it’s not a customer’s fault if your website inventory is not live and is liable to change. If I clicked on a product with a particular price, I expect it at that price. I was so mad at them and the excuse they used. They had atire and a wheel for less than $900. I knew there was a catch here. There was no way they could give it away so cheap, especially for the size I needed. Forget that, for most 4 wheeler tires and wheels, that seemed really low for a quality product. And then, why I did add them to the cart, it was a different tire and the cost was not close to $1800. Yea, straight up shot to double of what it showed up first. That’s not good. I called their customer service and took it up with them. They then gave the reason that their website inventory is not live and is subject to change. They have it in fine print on their website as a disclaimer. Well played. Then I was patched to a sales representative. I must the woman knew the products very well. She did offer me exactly what I needed and also found me quite cheap deals. Yes, they were not the brands I had been going for earlier, but she was quite honest in letting me know that she had better offers at a cheaper price as my budget wasn’t enough to get what I wanted, but rather it could get me what I needed. And then they screwed it up again. The delivery status was not updated for two whole weeks after j made the whole payment. The scheduled delivery was overshot by two weeks. That’s not done and not professional. A big mess overall.

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