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Sunwing | Schedule change

Paid sunwing for a 7 day all inclusive trip to varadero cuba. However, recieved a notice under our hotel door stating our departure time has been changed to 12 hours earlier. We lost an entire day of our trip, not including the time and money spent trying to contact sunwing and our travel agent to get some sort of explanation. Now i’m working on trying to contact sunwing, without any luck, to recieve some sort of compensation for this loss. Am I fighting a losing battle? On a side note… i walked down the beach to another resort where some folks from our arrival flight were staying…they got no notice of any change and were probably soaking up the sun while we were flying home! This seems so unfair to me…what should i do?

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  1. Mercedez Matteucci May 27, 2020

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