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Suntrup Nissan Volkswagen

Suntrup Nissan Volkswagen Suntrup Automotive Group Deceptive mailer/ Pull Tab Game Card St Louis Missouri!!. The following is my account of an incident that happened involving Suntrup Nissan. This involves a very deceptive advertising mailer. I’ll also bring light to the interaction I had with the stores general manager.. His name is Brett. The mailing I received from Suntrup Nissan was an invitation to come to the dealership and take part in an end of the year event. The mailer I received also contained a pull tab lotto like card to win prizes. By the time I had recieved the letter this event had already passed. I was in the middle of a move and the mailer arrived to me late. No big deal. Part of the offer was to take advantage of above Kelly Blue Book trade. The car they we’re reffering to I hadn’t owned in several years. What caught my attention was the play card. I proceeded to pull the tabs. The last tab I pulled revealed a match of winning 1,000 cash. No expiration date on the card. The form I had received also didn’t elaborate to the play card expiring. On the form it stated that chances of winning the cash price was 1 and 20,000. The letter also asked me to proceed to the dealership to collect the prize. I decided to go down to the dealership and ask about the game. I also wanted to see if I had truly won. Upon my arrival I’d asked one to the salesmen if I could talk with the sales manager. I was greeted by the stores general manager .. His name is Brett. No need to add his last name. Again, I just want people to know about this scam and how poorly I was treated at the dealership. Brett had informed me the game was ran by an outside party. As I pushed for more information, I could tell he was getting irritated. He refused to provide me any contact information regarding the outside company hosting the event and game. When I told him this was very unprofessional and deceptive. He became very hasty. I had stated that this cries foul and said the dealership could be held accountable for such a mailer. I even mentioned potential law suit. After that he kicked me out of the dealership. Meanwhile I kept my composure. I didn’t want to make a scene. He still refused to provide me details of the company in question of running this scam loto pull tab game. Sales manager Brett also accused me of coming down to his dealership and asking for something for nothing. How cold and rude. I’ve never been so disrespected at any dealership ever. Matter of fact, any other business. The general manager was very rude and unprofessional. If this is the way I was treated, I can imagine I won’t be the last. This type of false advertising. Bait and switch. Deceptive practice should not exist at a prominent dealership like Suntrup. If the Suntrup family knew how I was treated. The sales manager would be out of a job. I plan on forwarding the letter and bogus play card to the AG’s office of Missouri.

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