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Sunstates Security

I was an employee of Sunstates Security LLC based out of Raleigh NC. I was hired by the owner of this company as an Operational Support Manager. The owner promised me benefits including Major Medical Insurance, Pay Raises, and 401k Retirement. He did start me with Major Medical Insurance but after a few months I was told that he he was not going to pay for my insurance so he was changing my title so I would not fall into a category where He would be responsible for my insurance. He did change my title and took away my insurance. I asked him about my 401 K and was told that it would start in December, but guess what, he lied about that too. I did not receive any pay raises. You cannot believe anything you hear about this company because the owner is not to be trusted. I left a company I have been with for 26 years because of the promises made to me. When I was terminated from this company, I was taken to lunch on Friday, told what a good job I was doing and then terminated. I was told that they were cutting back, but guess what, a replacement was in the office on Monday after I was termed on Friday. These people do not care about employees or families, only on how much money that he can make. I was lied to over and over. This company is not to be trusted.


  1. Lewis Mckaughan May 27, 2020
  2. Zoraida Shurtliff May 27, 2020

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