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Sunset Chevrolet

Sunset Chevrolet Did not fix car correctly, and wouldn’t make it right- Sumner Washington!!. I took my car in originally because it felt like it was stalling out, and my engine light came on from time to time (I got a letter from Chevy directly saying if you’re having these issues take your car in) When I went in they advised me if it was not that issue I would have to pay $149 for testing. I told them several time I have an extended warranty that covers it all, and I am only liable for my $100 deductible. Jake (service center) told me several time if they didn’t have “time” to call my warranty in time I would have to pay the $149. Of course that whole story changed after my husband got on the line. The ended up fixing the fuel pump, and something else (not related to chevys letter) So I paid my $100 deductible. The same day I picked my car up from the service I was having the SAME issue as before (car running rough and feeling like it was going to stall out. I called them to advise, and was hoping they would apologize and advise me that if it was a new issue they would waive my $100 deductible on their end. Sense the original issue was never fixed. Instead they told me they couldn’t promise that I wouldn’t have to pay anything. I cancelled my appointment and would rather have my money go to a more ethical dealership

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