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Sunrun Installed a wildly erractic solar panel system. I was told that, “With the large amount of money that I’ll save, I will be able to pay for the solar panel system and still save (operating costs). This has NEVER HAPPENED.!!! I have been paying MORE since the installation. Denver Colorado!!. I entered into an agreement to have a Solar Panel System installed on my home. I was told that it would SAVE me so much money that, I’d be able to pay for the cost of running the system AND still pay my bill in addition to saving. Once the system was installed, it “performed erratically” for the first (3 – 4) months while I was charged an exorbitant amount. A “tech” was sent to my home, (came 6 months later) to troubleshoot the system. I was BILLED while this was going on !!! After about a year, I received an e mail stating that a “UCC Lein” had been put on my home and told that EVERYONE has this. (A lie because my sister recommended this service and she’s NEVER heard of this). I have spoken REPEATEDLY to Customer Service about “REMOVING THE SYSTEM” I was told that because of the (20) year lease that was signed that, that wasn’t going to happen nor, would the lien be removed. I was asked to submit (12) months of Bills so a cost analysis could be done. I submitted this JANUARY 31st 2018 and have not had a response YET on that matter. (STILL BEING BILLED) At this point, I just want Sunrun to come get the Solar panel System. This was the worst decision that I have made in my entire life. Yes, there is a lease but, there are clauses that protect EVERYONE involved. I would not recommend Sunrun to ANY human in the GALAXY.

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