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Negligent dentists!!! Unsafe for children

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date published
12 September 2019

posted by
Emily Mills

If you care about your family members especially your children then don’t bring them to sunny hills pediatric dentistry. I have had a bad experience with them when I last visited them because they were poor in many areas. I am unhappy with their services. Don’t even bother to consider their online ratings as they are false because the doctors over there tend to offer their patients incentives to give them good ratings online. So if you ever think about going to Sunny Hills pediatric dentistry then you should look at their 1-star rated reviews only because they are the genuine ones. One of my relatives told me that her wife forgot to cancel an appointment for his son that had treatment in the next 3 week which was fully paid already. He told me that Sunny hills pediatric dentistry suddenly sent him a bill of $20 bill for forgetting to cancel the appointment and he needed to pay a penalty for that. Well, this is not the only clinic he has dealt with and no one asks you to pay penalty fees on cancellation of an appointment. I thought that this clinic though had disappointment one of my family relatives I can still actually give them a second chance because they had good ratings online but I regretted my decision later. As for my visit it started going downhill with their front desk receptionist I think she was rude with us and if Sunny hills pediatric dentistry have to make a good impression on their patients then they need to assign someone at the front desk who knows how to deal with their patients. I become really sensitive when it comes to the health of my children, my 4-year-old daughter needed a filling in one of her teeth. The doctor seemed nice though but it was soon when they showed how unprofessional and pathetic they are. My daughter kept telling the doctor that she is having pain in her tooth during the filling and the doctor kept telling her you’re fine, my daughter was literally crying and doctor said her don’t act like a drama queen, I finally stepped in to this and asked the doctor to be gentle with her as she is not used to this kind of pain. I have taken my daughter to various clinics and she had no problems with her teeth nor she complained about it but this time my experience was horrible and I do not wish to come back over here again. These crooks are only trying to make up their money without ensuring the health and care of their patients. Stay away from this clinic or you will end up regretting yourselves. I realized that I had put the health of my daughter at risk by taking her to such a dangerous clinic. These guys are lying to you through their fake ads. They act like caring professionals but in reality, they are just a bunch of greedy and negligent professionals.

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