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08 October 2019

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I am so disappointed with the work of Sunnova that I feel cheated for trying to be a responsible citizen and opting for a solar rooftop system. They are either people with no knowledge of how the solar power system works or have too much knowledge in how to con people. We had people representing Sunnova come over and they said a system of 3kWpDC solar power would cover up my electricity bill completely and that they could guarantee the amount of units generated in a year. It was on contract and that made us go for the lease of 25 years. I have to pay $127 now for the panels and guess what, they are all useless. My bills haven’t gone down. The best was a reduction of 10%. And I kept intimating Sunnova about this and the response was being again and again fed the lie that the system was working just fine and doing as expected. They agreed that the output was low but kept telling to not be worried and blamed it on weather and assured on meeting the numbers they had promised. Six months and no change. I was livid now. I had just paid to be ripped off by a power company and now my electric supplier looked like such a nice person. I took it up on my own and calculated my requirement. It turned out that with a study of just one week, I had been able to calculate my solar power requirement to cover up the electricity bills and it was at least 2kWpDC solar system more. When I informed Sunnova about this with email, they refused to agree. After a year, they failed to meet the numbers and six months so far, but no compensation for the same either. Just a terrible scam.

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