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Sundial Homes | Poor service!

I have bought a house from Sundial Homes. It’s been 2 months since we took possession and notified the builder about the missing Bell wire in the basement – which was noted at the inspection. The phone companies would only get the wire to the demarcation point – outside of the house. From there it is the builder’s responsibility. I repeatedly called Rhonda – the site coordinator – at their site at Central Park Village in Ajax. A couple of times she called me back and said she is going to have it fixed. The next time I called she said it’s been fixed, only for me to drive there (150km round trip) to find that it wasn’t. I have left now about 10 voice messages on Rhonda’s answering machine and she never returned these calls anymore. I went there 3 times already (150km round trip) to check if anything was done, only to find that nothing was touched. There were also some other things that needed to be fixed at the house and were not.I am very disappointed!!!

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