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08 October 2019

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They used to be so good. And now they are just terrible. I recommended them to a friend for a loan for his home. And they were pathetic in service and unprofessional in communication. He did not receive any response until he applied to cancel his loan. And even then, things got so bad that he had to cancel his loan. There was no proper communication from Suncoast Credit Union about the procedure, they messed up some document or the other over 3 months and worse, the buck was passed around without any answers. After 3 months over terrible customer service, they send a letter saying that they did not receive a certain document from the client and so the loan could not be processed. It took them 3 months to know that a single document was missing. He took this opportunity and shut the deal right there before going in any deeper with the bank.I felt so guilty about suggesting him Suncoast Credit Union for his loan that I apologised to him over a hundred times. He went with one of their competitors. I won’t be naming them because I am now too scared of recommending anyone to anyone now. It’s been that bad. And I then had to go through the terrible experience myself. I had so much trouble in withdrawing my own money that it was beyond irritating. And for a financial institution, losing a customer’s trust should actually be the worst thing. I don’t know what has gone wrong and who has gone wrong, all I know is I am moving my business away from here. I have a credit score that would be approved by over 25 banks for a credit card and I was rejected here, after being a customer for over 5 years.

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