Sunbelt Business Brokers

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Sunbelt Business Brokers | Liars & Thieves

DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE TO SELL YOUR BUSINESS!! The owner of the company is back in Ontario and could care less about people as long as he doesn’t have to pay out any money for his companies mistakes. I hired them to protect me and instead they issued bad advice, incompentent consultants, and a fool proof contract that states (in a nut shell) that no matter who is to blame if the transaction needs a lawyer the individual selling their business will have to incurr the costs.Sunbelt not only did not know the true value of my business they do the least amount of research to find out. They DoNOT pre-screen buyers like they claim. The gal they introduced me too HAD NO MONEY to buy my business so instead she tried to steal it. Sunbelt had given her vital information that helped her secure a lease without even having put an offer on my business. As soon as Sunbelt knew of the problem they said it wasn’t their problem and they would do absolutely nothing to help me.Sunbelt takes a huge sum of money to even have them list your business, then the percentage they take is 12%…all for nothing…STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS…Sell by word of mouth or get a commercial real estate agent, you’ll have more luck if they ‘screw’ you that way…

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