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Summley Hair

Summley Hair ( Ripped Me Off Posted Deceiving Pics & Sent a Completely Different Item Online China!!. I went to the site, and purchased a wig; this is the wig that I purchased. It was buy one get one free. Transparent full lace wig with human hair wig wave wig Peruvian Remy hair u00d7 1Black / 24 Inch / 100%(Normal) BUY ONE GET ONE FREE FOR THE SAME ORDER (-$31.00). I got in touch with them and ask them a few question about the wig. I also asked them to show me different pictures of the wig and then inside of the wig in which they did. They stated that if I was not happy with the product, to send it back uncut, unwashed; send it back the way it was sent to me. I was getting the wigs as a Christmas gift, once I saw the pictures, I went and paid through PayPal, $42.00. They assured me that the wig would be the one that I ordered. I was told that the package would arrive on December 21, 2019. I was happy was that ; because it was just before Christmas. When the package came, which I sent to my daughter’s house; because I was going to be at work. when she told me they came; I ask her how they look and she said, you are not going to like it. I asked her to send me pictures of the wigs while I was at work; when I saw them I was furious. When I got home I emailed them and told them that I wanted a refund; because that was not the item that I had purchased. They told me to send the item back for a full refund. I never did anything to the product. I didn’t even bother to open the bag once my daughter had sent the pictures. The following day, I made a dispute with PayPal to retrieve my correct product, or to refund my money. After waiting almost a month they tell me that I am not due a refund; because I did not send the package back to they address they sent to me. Which I returned the package back to the sender, but they wanted me to send it to a different address than what was on the package. Now, I am unable to get in touch with them, they refuse to give me my refund and they refuse to send me the items that I purchased. I spoke with PayPal and they told me that they were not sure if they would be able to get them to send me the items that I purchase. They said that because I did not send it to the address that they specified, that I was not eligible for a refund. It is almost a month since I have gotten anywhere with PayPal, or the seller of the item. I am still waiting to hear from PayPal.

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