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Summet | Cheater and lye

This review is from: SUMEET ASIA KITCHEN MACHINE 110V – WORLD’S TOUGHEST MIXER GRINDER I wish there had been a 0 or negative rating, but there is none. So I am forced to give a 1 star. What a waste of a star.My mother and her mother owned a Summeet. My husband gifted me a Summeet 3 years back. Within months the black jar holders gave up on both the jars. Then the springs on the other side of the jar gave up. After following up for 7 months with the dealer in Cananda(Mihir), I finally got 1 replacement part instead of the two which I complained about.The mixer worked well, so I let go on further complaining. It was getting too time consuming trying to get hold of those dealers and I gave up a losing battle of getting the 2nd replacement.Now, after 3 years, the motor burned. The warranty said 5 years on parts and labor. I called the Canada office again. He(Mihir) asked me to run a few tests to see if something else was an issue. He finally said that the motor seems to have failed. He asked me to send the mixer and all the 3 jars along, so that he could change the motor and check if the bearings of the jar are good and that he will fix them too if needed, to avoid the motor from burning again. I was impressed by his courtesy and the extra mile that he offered.I spent $41 on shipping(via USPS) the mixer to his office. After a week, I called to confirm if he received it. He told me, the post office has left a message regarding a package which he believes is mine and that he will pick it up the next day. I called up again after another week. No response. I called up again after 15 days. No response. Finally I shot him an email from their website and also a voice message asking when he will ship it back as I had to arrange for the mixer to be picked up while I was away at work. Finally he called and told me he has the mixer, and that he was in India and would be back on the 29th of June with more parts and will immediately ship it to me.As he had promised, the mixer did come back on the 2nd of July. I was impressed and happy. My happiness lasted only for 1 whole minute – till I realized that my mixer was sitting at the Canadian post office for almost a month UNCLAIMED and is being RETURNED TO SENDER as NO ONE had even picked it up from the post office.WHAT A BIG LIE THE DEALER(MIHIR) HAD TOLD ME WHEN HE TOLD ME HE WAS PICKING IT UP THE NEXT DAY, THAT HE WAS GETTING PARTS TO REPAIR IT AND WILL SEND IT BACK TO ME.NEVER EVER EVER BUY FROM THIS DEALER IN TORONTO. HIS WEBSITE IS SUMEET.NET. THEIR NAMES ARE MIHIR AND ARTI.MY EFFORT TO PACK AND $41 WAS LOST IN THE PROCESS. I HAVE ALSO SEND FILED A COMPLAIN WITH THE CANADIAN BBB where their business already has a ‘F’ rating.Please beware, don’t get emotionally lured to possess a Sumeet in the United States, just because your mother owned

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