is a scam

Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) is a scam is a scam is a total scam it’s a scam the whole site is set up as a scam exactly almost the same message and 95% of them didn’t have a picture they wouldn’t box me the same exact line and I just feel that it’s just a scam that’s not a coin Roseville Michigan Michigan!!. Sugar daddy for me is a total scam a scam when I signed up for the 3-day trial and then after the three days they automatically take money out of your account but I called and cancelled my card to have them send me a new one Express so they can’t take the money out but I’ve been going to website for a couple hours and I notice I kept getting the same messages the same exact messages from different people I just think it’s a total scam like I have about 30 people send me the same exact message I’m talking about hi you’re beautiful I would love to send you the come to my state I can pay you a $500 allowance right away I want to pay all your utility bills and everything I mean the same exact line not one not two but about 20 other people send the same exact line that is a total scam and I would recommend anyone to do it but I’m still in search my sugar daddy and I’m just going to find another Sugar Daddy website but that is a total scam and it’s red and it says and the pages like I want to use that website.

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