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Terrible Night with Very Bad Experience at Sugar Daddy's

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08 October 2019

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It was supposed to be a fun Friday night with the gang and booze and dancing. It was a terrible night at Sugar Daddy’s instead. First up, one of us was not allowed into the club because he was wearing sneakers. There had been at least 3 people we saw going in with sneakers before us as we were waiting for one of our friends. And they have a board that says casuals allowed too. Luckily, he stayed close-by and could go and change. And we were right, there were not just three, but at least thirty people there in sneakers. But we did not want any trouble and just wanted to get that booze in. Well, it was so disappointing and yet it was not even the lowest point of the evening. It was cheap booze. And we have had cheap booze and the expensive ones too. We know that the places that offer cheap booze often dilute it a little or just reduce the quantity slightly. But this was just water with slight mixture of alcohol in it. I had over 5 drinks and could have walked on a tightrope after that. The one reason we were still here was because we had found a table on a Friday night and that was going to be very difficult once we stepped out of here. So we decided to enjoy amongst ourselves as the music was very inconsistent too and had to wait long for a number to be worthy of getting up. But the worst part were the washrooms. I won’t even talk or I would get nauseous. Spare a few bucks more, even stay at home for a weekend if you have to, but go to any other better place than Sugar Daddy’s, even if costs more.

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