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One month of rubbish workouts

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18 September 2019

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I went to Studio Barre with a friend on the last Friday evening. I had never tried any barre classes before so I was looking forward to having some fun, I didn’t think that this day would turn out to be a nightmare for me. When I entered the studio I realized that space was jammed, I had worn the grippiest pair of socks but the floor was so slippery that I had issues doing push-ups during the warm-up session. The instructor was not friendly, she did not bother to know my name or give me a tour of the studio. I and my friend were trying to figure out talking to other students who weren’t very helpful either. The instructor had a sassy style which was fun at first, but I was offended and uncomfortable to hear her sexual comments repeatedly. While filling out the new student paperwork I mentioned that I have lower back pain but neither any modifications nor any suggestions to exercises were given to me. It caused me a lot of pain. If you are a first-timer and not guided properly you can injure yourself. The work out is very hardcore and challenging. It can shake your muscles and you feel a burning sensation in your body, while no instructor is willing to assist you it makes the case even worse. They continuously switch the music in between each group work-out which is very distracting. Another thing I did not like was stretching in between the workout. They pack too many people in one class which is a headache while doing the stretches. I was spreading my arms and hitting my elbows with neighbours, constantly.
My friend was wearing a Fitbit which can record heart rate and amount of calories burned during the workout. We judged that, though the workout was intense the number of calories burned was low. Doing yoga or pilates regularly allows you to burn the same amount of calories yet they are less intense and easy. The rude instructor snatched the Fitbit from my friend and warned her not to bring it to the class again. Haha, maybe she did not want others to see the reality of her so-called workout plan!
After the class, I heard a girl complaining that her periods became irregular since the time she is attending Studio Barre and the instructor was in for a toss once again! She cleverly diverted the topic and turned on the music loudly. A difference of opinion or freedom of speech is not welcomed here, rumours I heard about this place were probably true.
In my opinion, hardcore workouts are not a woman’s thing. We have a delicate body so mild and comfortable workouts like Yoga, Pilates, long walks or swimming in your daily routine can help you a great deal. Studio Barre is very pricy too, one month of classes will cost you $ 300. It’s better to have a fun workout session at home. Can anything be more precious than your peace of mind?

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