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It has turned into a nightmare

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16 September 2019

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Stroede Orthodontics used to be a great place for getting your teeth treated but not anymore. Now, this place has become a huge mess and it would be safer for you to stay away from here. The new dentist is too young and novice to treat the patients and the staff lies to you to extract a few bucks out of your pocket. This clinic is no longer what it used to be. It is a sham now.
I did not face any problem with these clinics until it was owned by Dr, Young but since the new management has come, they are awful. They don’t know how to value their patients and how to treat them. I decided to visit this clinic when the cement broke off from my retainer. I called them to book an appointment with them but the lady on the other line seemed to get irritated with me and replied rudely to me. As the previous doctor had given me warranty of it so I thought to get it secured again.
The lady initially told me that all the warranty and claims which were made by Dr. Young are still in place and I can get the treatment done without any cost, but then out of nowhere she came and said that I would have to pay $75 to get the retainer secured again which I thought was fucking annoying for me.
If you guys have got in mind that you are going to be treated like the same way as you were treated earlier by the previous doctor then you are wrong because all they care about is to make their fucking money without even securing the health of their patients. I was already in pain so I decided to visit there again and thought to get it treated once and for all. On the day of my checkup, I was told to get the x-rays done on which I told them that you already got my previous records with you, but they were insisting me to get it done right the which I presume was only to make a few extra bucks. The doctor which I met was unprofessional as his hands were shaking and legs were trembling throughout the treatment and looked nervous. It seems like he doesn’t have enough confidence right now to treat the patients, it shows the incompetence of this clinic. The clinic which was so good before now has turned into a piece of trash. I don’t think they are going to be successful if they went on to pursue these types of techniques. The doctor who treated me was untrained and he couldn’t even answer a single question when I asked him. I think that this clinic has lost its credibility and I don’t like to visit this piece of shit anymore. If you ever decide to visit this clinic please give this review a read as it will certainly going to save you from misery.

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