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Streamraycams | Unauthorised charges

I was chrged money. I had attempted to make and account on some of there web sights but it never worked each time to i never used the sights and now im seeing they charged me $129 and $10 and theres some other charges i believe came from there sighs as well. I never othirised these charges on my credit card and id very much like the money back.I did not recive any kind of service from those websights. infact it told me my card wasnt valid yet i was charged anyways..I would appreciate anymoney charged to my card given back Wethere this was an error on the sights or not.I was trying to web cam with my girlfriend witch happens to be one of the models on the sights when one sight didnt work i tried others that are run by the same company but none of them succseeded to work for me although they succseeded to charge me sums for no services. I would like someone to contact me and explain what happend so we can work out a solution.thank you for your time.

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