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Stonedale Partners

Stonedale Partners Stonedale Partners are NOT what they say they are! Livonia MI!!. Stonedale Partners sent me a letter to my house stating that I could be approved for a loan. I started doing some reasearch and I found out that this company is just a lead generator company that sells my information to other “lenders”. The lenders that they offer are horrible, most of them have a one star rating on google. On my first call they wanted a bunch of information, I was not comfortable giving my private info so they started to get rude, so I asked to speak to a manager to asked them why their phisical address is listed under other companies? and why are they trying to refer me to other companies, in their website they advertise themselves as a lender company. Everything was very confusing!!! When I asked if their inquiries are going to impact my credit score, they couln’t give me a clear answer. This company is definitely NOT trustworthy. Due to a mix of bait and switch tactics, an aggresive sales team and poor customer support, I can not let other people get harass by this company and waste their time like I did. Their method of approching customers is borderline bullying and their strategies used to sell their services are at the very least questionable.

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