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Never buy furniture from STOCKROOM. We ordered a sofa online from them and after discount was HKD 3000 something but In the end the total price was over HKD 5000 because we have to pay delivery service and this and that. Surprisingly the stock is not available so they have to make one first! On the delivery day (today! Exactly a month after we ordered it) 2 guys came very impatient, and insist me to sign right away. When I checked I found out one leg is shorter than the other. After few phone calls they became aggressive, they don”t want to wait and wanted to leave with the sofa and also started to bang the sofa on our wooden floor. I became angry and I said “I will make you pay if you scratch the floor” He said “What? It”s heavy!” From there I can not hold my emotion anymore. So rude and they have no respect at all. I can not take this kind behavior and I said “Get out from my house” There I heard one of them said “**** you!” I was furious! And he kept yelling **** you to me in front of our young kids and my helper. My husband called STOCKROOM directly to complain, but the Customer Service was being very emotional and rude to my husband. What kind of Customer Service is that? Long story short, they refused to take responsibility of this case. They also just dumped the sofa in front of our door and they never coming back to us to apologize! STOCKROOM should be in your black list!!!

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  1. Ernestina Meihofer May 27, 2020

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