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STL CityWide Asprient, Central PM, Laramar Group The renters did not pay their fees, so I had to confiscate their pets! Saint Louis Missouri!!. When I worke with Asprient Properties we bought our apartment building in 2013. I moved out of the building last month after things went very bad. After the purchase, I signed a month-to-month lease with Asprient. They started renovating the building, then a few months later, I was asked to move to a renovated unit, in the building, so they could renovate my unit. I was told that I would receive a security deposit refund based on the condition of my unit. They had applied my security deposit from the previous owners. I had to pay a new security deposit for the renovated unit. I received an itemization for the old unit stating that my security deposit balance was “transferred” to my new unit. I asked via text message and email about the security deposit refund, but I never got a reply. Finally, when I went to the office to renew my lease, I was told I would get a combined deposit refund for the two units when I showed her the itemization. When I broke my lease, I lost security deposit for the two units, even though I was told I would get a refund if I was able to secure a replacement tenant. They eventually sent me a $30 deposit refund after much back and forth. I felt I should have at least gotten the deposit for the old unit, since I never broke the lease. I guess they may try to blame me for not giving the a 30 day notice to vacate the old unit as the reason for not refunding the deposit, even though I was asked to move to let them renovate with assurance that I would get a refund. Asprient informed me via email that they would charge me $50 because I removed the garbage disposal which caused a sink leak that I had requested repairs for. I truthfully responded to the technician that I had not removed it. He probably did not believe me. Thankfully, no charge ever appeared on my ledger. I became very concerned about being blamed and needlessly charged for any maintenance issue I may encounter. Asprient charged me a $100 fee because they claimed that I caused the roach problem in the building. They claimed that my unit was the dirtiest in the building, which attracted roaches that spread to other units. My unit was usually clean. They were extremely rude and unprofessional with handling this situation. They just wanted my to pay and not protest. My conclusion is that Asprient is all about money. I think a strategy for making money is to blame tenants for maintenance issues, then charge them! They are manipulative, rude, greedy, and unprofessional. My dealing with Sid have not always been pleasant. He will blow up in anger over minor issues. I am happy I moved out of the building and no longer have to deal with them.Read more: city-data . com /forum/st-louis/1912982-leonardo-apartments-sid-chakraverty-asprient-property.html#ixzz5T9HmPrhy

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