Steveu2019s Auto Service Newberg, Oregon

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Steveu2019s Auto Service Newberg, Oregon

Steve’s Auto Service Newberg, Oregon Shop charges excessive labor and parts markup. Charges 151.00 for 8 spark plugs. Labor rate much higher than local GM dealers Newberg Oregon!!. Avoid this shop at all cost. The base labor rate is $127.50 per hour which is 18% higher than the local Chevy dealership down the road. Charged me $151.00 for 8 spark plugs that cost $64.00 list price. This is clear cut consumer fraud. The technician and staff doesn’t communicate at all and just slams aftermarket parts in the car without asking. Case in point, putting NGK plugs in a supercharged Cadillac without asking and then telling me the owner uses nothing but NGK. The final straw was the $4600.00 estimate for rear control arms, bushings and some other basic suspension work. The local dealer come in at 2600.00 out the door and using all GM parts. Steve’s quote included 3rd party aftermarket parts!Owner called me and apologized but offered no financial resolution other than making excuses on how he uses NGK plugs on his several 100k plus cars he owns. After calculating the profit margin no wonder he owns several 6 figure plus cars. I would avoid this place like the plague unless you want your wallet empty. I am working with Oregon consumer protection agency and BBB as well as other social media posts to warn other potential victims of this repair shop.

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