Steven McCall - President of Imperia Inc. aka Imperia Designs

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Steven McCall - President of Imperia Inc. aka Imperia Designs

Steven McCall – President of Imperia Inc. aka Imperia Designs CHARGED $900 FOR SERVICES AND NEVER DELIVERED ANYTHING. WILL NOT RETURN EMAIL OR TEXT. Philadelphia Pennsylvania!!. I received a proposal from Steve and Imperia Designs on 7/31 for a simple single-event website & branding services. I informed Steve that I needed a quick turnaround for upcoming sponsor presentations, and he told me that I could expect delivery in 2 weeks, though the proposal outlined 2-3 weeks. Over the next 3 weeks, I received several emails & text messages that were both conflicting and completely untrue, from Steve directly telling me that my website was completed, and that I could expect the link later in the day or evening. My corporate presentation was scheduled for Monday Aug. 13th 2.5 hours away, which featured the display of my event website and how partners could be prominently featured. This is where the Lying started, so after Aug. 11th I had no idea of what was true and what was not. *Documented Lies *On August 10th, he sent me a text message saying the site was already completed and the upload somehow got paused and would be re-loaded on the 12th. *On August 10th, he sent me another text message saying that I would receive a detailed email on the money allocation for “marketing services” as this description remained very vague and changed 2X in his explanation. *On August11th, when I informed him that I didn’t receive the link or the email he promised, he sent another text saying “Just working on getting everything situated”. I never head back from Steve or received any information. * On August 12th I did not hear from Steve, or receive the link for the website to review. He also never sent the email he told me to expect on the 10th. *On August 13th, he sent me a text message saying “I’m driving at the moment, but I’ll send you an email by tonight”. Needless to say lie number 5, produced no results. The evening before a critical company meeting. *On August 14th the morning of my meeting, I reached out over and over again and finally heard back from Steve, 20 minutes before my meeting. His text response was “The new theme is installed, and we are working on it last night, but I didn’t know what time you were going to be there”. WHAT??? Are you kidding me. On Wed. August 15th, he sent me a message saying “I cant talk right now” because of a family emergency and death in the family. With 3 more sponsor meetings planned in late August and early September, I had to hire a new contractor, and simply asked for the money back and to part amicably. After loosing two more potential sponsorship clients, I acknowledged his family emergency and simply asked for the return of my money. At least 20 emails requesting a refund has gone unresponded since then.

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