Steven Jezyk

Phone: 201 253 9370

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Steven Jezyk

Steven Jezyk Steven Jezyk – Scam artist and Predator!!. Steven Jezyk is a BIG SCAM ARTIST. Some of his scams include but not limited to: (1) selling tickets that don’t exist (2) asking people to work on classes but never paying for the work. (3) taking money for working on classes but never doing the work (4) selling non existent airline tickets (5) He has multiple court judgments (6) He has lost his finance license (7) He has been in bankruptcy. (8) rips off people of thousands of dollars (9) responds to Craigslist advertisers asking for money up front and never performing the work Even though he is in New Jersey he is nationwide in his scams. Do a google search on his name and you will find numerous references to him being a scam artist. THIS GUY IS BAD NEWS.His address is (((REDACTED))) Bayonne, NJ.His phone number is (((REDACTED)))Jezyk is just a big cry baby and threatens you by saying that he will destroy your reputation over the internet after you tell the world that he is a scam artist. Watch out for this guy as he won’t leave you alone and accuse you of being a child molester and predator. This guy is just one big loser. He also changes email addresses on an almost daily basis.Just a complete LOSER. He hangs out at gyms in Bayonne, NJ and goes to NYC a lot. He also is hanging out on Twitter and davidshapiro (dot) netIf you call him a scammer then he goes around claiming that you are a sexual predator or child molester.Just a total dirtbag.He claims to be a man of action but really he is all talk and doesn’t follow up on his threatsIf you look at his twitter site then he likes to think he is a body builder. In reality, he is a weakling.So if you have been scammed by this guy then get the word out. He will go out and claim that you are a sexual predator, etc. THIS GUY IS A REAL LOSER AND A PREDATOR. HE WILL HARASS YOU AND NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE. THIS GUY IS BAD NEWS

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